Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ancient Faith Radio

I've become a reasonably regular listener to Ancient Faith Radio.

Basically, AFR, as it is known, is the radio voice of the Orthodox faith. And while I am not an Orthodox Christian (I believe most of you that read this blog know that I am a Catholic), I find beauty in the Orthodox Church's teachings. While there was a Schism in 1054 (and there is great hope that it will be healed in time) most people don't realize that the overwhelming majority of the teachings of both Churches are compatible and overlapping. And for me, that is where the beauty of each Church's teachings lie.

I mostly listen to the liturgical music offerings. I've found that I'm able to able to concentrated on whatever task is at hand, I think because the music, in its own way, has direction. It seems that anything that is intended to be directed at God - music, prayer, etc. - is very easy to listen to because on one hand we're participating in the prayer that is being offered up. On the other, it seems at least to me that my hands are being guided to do what I'm supposed to. And it's always been that way; whenever I have something that needs to get done, I find that audible prayer, like the music of the church, is a wonderful aid in getting that work done.

I always feel like I'm just a little bit closer to God in this way.

Who was it that said (I'm paraphrasing) that the music of the church is like prayer times two? I don't honestly know, but regardless of what that music is, whether it is the music from the Byzantine Church or Gregorian Chant or even someone like Michael Card, it is still the Music of God.

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crehan724 said...

"To sing is to pray twice." -- St. Augustine

(can't remember where he wrote it, though, and it's too late for me to look it up--more clinicals in the morning--need my meager ration of sleep)