Saturday, June 27, 2009

Annoying Co-Workers

Sometimes it occurs to me that I work with some really stupid people. And it makes me angry when certain people question my integrity as well as my ability to do my job.

We have a dispatch coordinator that works with the hospitals in our contract with Partners Health Care. I will not mention any names in this post, but if he happens to read this he’ll figure out that I’m talking about him.

We were assigned a call scheduled for 6:00PM out of the MGH going to one of the area rehab hospitals. We left quarters at 5:20 to give us enough time so that we could stop for fuel. On the way to the MGH we were cancelled as we were told “another unit was closer.” Both my partner and I were puzzled about that as we were about 5 minutes from the hospital at the time of the call. A few minutes later we were asked to call the duty supervisor, which I did. When I got him on the phone, he proceeded to tell me that we Partners didn’t think we’d get to the call on time and it was a problem that we’d stopped for fuel. My response to him was that if he’d listened to the radio transmission between us and Boston operations he would have heard that we were off for fuel after we were unassigned the call.

I don’t know exactly what the Partners coordinator told him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was told we were indeed late, which we weren’t. And the way the conversation started and continued just really set me off.

I know that contracts have to be handled in a certain way, but when the people at the other end do what this person did, it strikes me as being rather unprofessional. And our integrity and professionalism are brought into question. I don’t like that at all.


Medic7 said...

Arrgh. I feel your pain. We have a dispatcher that makes me crazy. On those middle of the night calls he takes great pleasure in watching where we are on the GPS monitor and then chiding us on the radio for our routing.

I've found the PITA people just get ignored. It keeps me sane.

So, how's the foot? Glad to be back burning the candle at both ends and melting the middle?

Nick Stabile said...

sounds an awful lot like a place i used to work up here.....transfers are always ALWAYS micromanaged and it leaves a lot of people feeling like children.


Walt Trachim said...

Don't you guys just love dealing with idiots?

I am writing this particular clown up for what he did. He started the process on my partner and me, so I am returning the favor. I figure if he wants to play games like that, so can I. And I'm better at them than he is, I think...