Saturday, November 11, 2006

Weekend Recovery Time

Well.... I've spent the past few days relaxing my back. I've sworn off all medications except for Ibuprofen and a muscle relaxer. Other pain meds cause me to be goofy and they really do nothing for the discomfort. At my wife's encouragement I started stretching this afternoon. Other than the mild burning sensation in the area that is injured, it felt pretty good. It makes me realize how out of shape I am. Even in the job I'm in I need to be in better physical condition. So I'll resolve here and now to start taking better care of myself.

It turned out to be a beautiful mid-fall day here in New Hampshire. At 4:30 PM it is 61 degrees Farenheit right outside of my lonely writer's garret. The sky is still reasonably clear with some haze, but it is starting to get dark now and our weather forecasters tell us that the rain is on the way. On the other hand, after the rain it is supposed to cool off again. I believe that this on and off cool weather will turn cold within the next couple of weeks or so, and it will, unfortunately, stay that way. From where I sit right now, I don't want to think about that.

From the Associated Press: in Michgigan, a yearling deer that had a jack-o'-lantern stuck around its head got free of it sometime on Friday. I saw a report about it on our local news the other night, and my original thought was that it was pretty bad when someone's Hallowe'en trash got hung up on a wild animal. I'm glad it got free, though; could you imagine the fallout from animal rights groups (and others) if the deer hadn't been able to free itself? Local animal control in the area where the deer was had planned to tranquilize it and get the bucket off of its head, but what if they weren't there and the deer went unseen? If it had died of starvation and was found, I can only imagine the hell that a group like PETA would raise; there would be calls to ban Hallowe'en to protect wild animals from jack-o-lantern candy buckets! Good Grief.....

To all of you who are my fellow veterans: Thank you for your service.

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