Sunday, December 17, 2006

Blogging from work

I didn't think I'd get to do this.... I'm currrently at work - my partner and I brought dinner and one of the other wonderful folks we work with did the cooking (thank you Pam!! You rock!). Spaghetti Bolognese with meatballs (homemade) and sweet italian sausage, served on linguini with garlic bread. Awesome meal - one of the nice things about working on a Sunday night. Usually not horribly busy (sometimes it can get seriously out of control), and we have a great group. And at least for the moment we are last up. That, however, is subject to change.

I'm doing this on my partner's laptop while he eats. He has other work going on, so this will likely not be lengthy. When he's not acting as my crewmate he is the safety officer/representative for our station. He does a really thorough job, is conscientious, and really likes being a pain in the butt. That said, he is the right person for the job. If it were me, I suspect I'd either be completely neurotic or really lazy; I don't know which.

The New England Patriots final against Houston today was 40-7. I didn't watch the game but I did see some of the highlights. They played well, from what I could see - a far cry from the beating they took last week.

A typical shift here looks like this, depending on which unit you work on: arrive, punch in, check your truck. Sign on with Operations (our dispatch center) with crew numbers, your truck ID, and the mileage on the vehicle. Checking your truck consists of ensuring you have fuel (at least 3/4 tank), verifying that you have the important items, including a stretcher, checking the oxygen tanks to make certain you have enough, verifying supplies and other equipment are where they are supposed to bem and making sure that if you're on an ALS (stands for Advanced Life Support) unit that you have medications and narcotics. Once that's done, time for house chores. After that, it's a waiting game for calls. Which is why I'm doing this.

Another funny aspect of this job, when it's not insane, is some of the things we do off-time. "The Simpsons" is on. Guess what we're watching??

I'll be back after watching Homer do something stupid....


scalpel said...

Man, that dinner sounds good. There is something really special about a good homecooked meal at work with your team.

Great blog, I'll be visiting often.

manchmedic said...

Thank you! I like yours as well, hence the link.

Nice to have an ER Doc on board....