Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I've been keeping an eye on news off and on today, and according to CNN, President Bush's plan of action now is to send an additional 5 combat brigades of soldiers to Iraq, as well as a brigade of Marines to Anbar province. That adds up to approximately 25,000 troops on top of what is already there. The media is calling this a "surge." I call it "stupid."

I don't understand this. I served in the U.S. military for a total of 9 years, including time on active duty and in the Reserve. If I were on active duty now and had orders to go, I would go. No question. However, since I'm not on active duty I don't have to follow that compulsion. I think that the whole situation has become absurd. We have had so many young guys die due to IED's, not to mention the types of deaths one would hear about in combat (wounds inflicted during firefights, etc.). I heard a report earlier today about one of the families who lost a son over there, a member of L/3/25th Marines. Terribly sad. This Marine was killed nearly 4 years ago, and his father says he still supports the mission, but you could hear the tautness in his voice that sounded to me like he was having a hard time with his position. Can you blame him? He lost a son in a war that was supposed to be "easy" to win - well, easy may not be the right word, but there wasn't supposed to be such a high price.

I've been of the opinion from the very start that we have no business over there. My opinion hasn't changed - I still think we have no business over there. We were lied to by our leaders about the reason for the mission, the boots on the ground have never had enough resources to get their job done, and again, the price has been extremely high for all of those who have lost sons or daughters.

All of this coming from one who was a Marine, proud of his service to his country, and faithful to a fault to his brothers in arms. I simply hope that whatever our President has in mind is successful, or the nation he serves will make it clear to his party in 2008 that he made a terrible mistake. That is simply a prediction, and while I could be wrong, I don't think I am.

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