Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snowfall on Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, one and all.

Our corner of the world is finally getting snow - lots and lots of snow. At 8:00AM, so far there is approximately 5 inches of snow on the ground, according to my unofficial measuring device. They say we are supposed to get between 8 and 12 inches when this is all said and done. Personally, I don't believe it - I think there will be more. I plan on going outside and moving some of it before we get sleet or ice, which may or may not happen here. That is uncertain; the seacoast is supposed to get that sort of precipitation. But we'll see.

Valentine's Day - named for St. Valentine, one of three saints named Valentine who were martyred, according to different sources that I've read. The history of the holiday goes back to the mid-third century where Valentine, a pagan priest, is supposed to have ministered to persecuted Christian prisoners of the Roman Empire. He was caught and subsequently executed. Beaten to death, in fact. Where the idea of celebrating love between couples comes from is another story: he was said to have been jailed at one point, and the daughter of his jailer was a frequent visitor to his cell. Prior to having died, he was to have written a letter to her, which he signed, "from your Valentine", which is how the signature we see to the present day on Valentine's Day cards is said to have come into being.

Is it all fact? I don't know. It is fascinating, however, to have found some of the historical data that I read. And it gives me a great excuse to show my love for my wife to her. Not just convenient, but pretty nice. Thank you, Hallmark!


JenO said...

Fascinating. I had never heard that tidbit about his notes to the daughter.

manchmedic said...

That was a surprise to me as well....