Monday, March 26, 2007

Watching The Week Fly By

This past week has absolutely flown. It was pretty busy, and not the kind of week I wish to remember, either. Between getting written up, dealing with an accident victim that was dead before I got to him (and I had firefighters asking us, "are you going to work him?" when it was pretty obvious that I couldn't), and getting overtime that I didn't expect - almost 6 hours worth - because of policies that aren't as clear as they should be, I was pretty tired by the end of the night Friday. I was ready to go home. At least last night wasn't a repeat of the previous Sunday; I actually got a couple of hours sleep whereas last week we were up all night long. It was horrible.

My son introduced me to a cartoon site that is quite humorous: Weebl and Bob. He showed me some of the most recent Flash movies that are up there, and I was laughing hysterically as I watched. Weebl and Bob are, well, weebles. They people providing their voices sound like the folks from South Park, but without the crudity. The funniest one was a spoof on Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back", where these two egg-like creatures converse in Timberlake style about making what I think is Spanikopita as Weebl (the big one) is trying to read instructions off of a box of Phyllo dough, then they crash their car and trailer into a walrus. I know it sounds really strange, but it is actually very funny. Check it out.

This past weekend I read the book "On Call In Hell", written by Richard Jadick, D.O. Dr. Jadick is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy, and in 2004 he was the battalion surgeon for First Battalion, Eighth Marines (1/8) out of Camp Lejeune, NC. They were in the middle of the battle for Fallujah, and Dr. Jadick's account of the fighting from the perspective of a doctor was riveting. I felt as though he writes like he talks; the narrative was very fast and, as I said, somewhat speech-like. There was graphic description of the sorts of injuries and wounds casualties came into his aid station with, as well as some interesting descriptions of smells. I won't get into that, but I can honestly say that I know what he's talking about. All said, I would highly recommend the book - I couldn't put it down.

Last night at work we did 4 calls, and only one of them was a serious medical call. The others were either psychiatric emergencies or an overdose that we started the night off with. Not that I am bashing psychiatric patients, but of the three of those, only one in my estimation was a worthy call. We got called to transport a 14 year-old boy with a history of mild mental retardation, ADHD, and depression for an evaluation as he told his mother and the two police officers that responded to his house that he wanted to kill himself. His mother told me that he's been treated for behavioral issues in the past, so this wasn't the first time we'd transported him. In looking and him and talking with him it was evident to me that he has some self-esteem problems; he wants to be part of one of the gangs that are in the area, he's got the talk and the walk, but he doesn't have the wherewithal that the few gang-bangers that I've encountered have. He also felt badly about mistreating/hurting/abusing his mother. So at least maybe there is a chance for this kid if he can get some consistent help. On the other hand, if he continues down the road he is on, he could wind up becoming a very dangerous individual.....

This is my last week on my current work schedule. Next week is when the changes happen. I am looking forward to it, and at the same time I am somewhat apprehensive. This could work out to be a real disaster if it isn't handled right. On the other hand, it could work out extremely well. I don't know. Working transfers for Exeter Hospital will be, at the least, different. No 911 out there for us, at least not now. We'll have to see how that goes, too.

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