Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Tough News Weekend

A lot to write about today. First, I'm at work - again - and next up in the rotation. It's been a very busy few days for me as I've been working for someone every day over the past couple of weeks. I worked yesterday for Tri-Town, the third of 3 agencies I am employed by. What I had hoped for didn't happen - I would have liked a totally non-eventful shift, but we ended up doing 5 calls in 10 hours. The last one was for a 17 year-old male who was playing ina rugby match. He was in the middle of a scrum, and from what I understand took a cleat to the side of the head. When we got there his mental status was somewhat altered and he was being worked on by the EMS crew that was providing medical support for the event. They already had him immobilized and we got him loaded onto our stretcher and aboard our ambulance. His coach went with him, and I'm glad he did, mainly because our patient was really scared. On the way to the hospital, however, he went unresponsive and apneic 3 times. We were able to get him to respond to painful stimuli and wake him up, but the effects of the apparent head injury were pretty significant. When we got him to the ED he was intubated and placed on a ventilator, mainly to simply protect his airway and keep him oxygenated. I will have to see if I can find out what became of him at some point.

New Hampshire police officers are mourning a loss within their ranks this weekend. Corporal Bruce McKay of the Franconia Police Department was shot and killed this past Friday during a traffic stop. The shooter, Liko Kenney, was the cousing of skiier Bode Miller. According to published reports, there was a bad relationship between McKay and Kenney, which included Kenney's conviction of assault on a police officer approximately 4 years ago. The officer was McKay.

Kenney was also killed during this episode - a bystander did what he had to to stop the attack on McKay, including getting McKay's weapon and shooting Kenney. There are to be no charges filed against the bystander because he was acting in the interest of the a police officer who was under attack.

The second New Hampshire police officer in less than a year. A horrible shame. The officer had two kids and a fiancee.


Fr. Peter said...

Sounds like a difficult weekend. You do such good work so keep it up.

manchmedic said...

Thanks - you too, my friend.

I pulled down your first podcast the other night. Very nice!!