Friday, July 27, 2007

The 5 Steps of Stupidity

They are as follows:

1. Action
2. Denial
3. Panic
4. Regret
5. Retribution

My older daughter found that out today as she and 3 of her friends hopped the fence into the pool yard. My upstairs neighbor witnessed the whole thing, and when my wife questioned my daughter about it she said she and her friends we getting frogs out of the pool..... I laughed hysterically when my wife told me that one - we have rules about the pool for a reason and they are cut and dry: nobody in the pool yard unless there is an adult present. No exceptions. Otherwise, the gate stays locked, and that is the policy of the person who owns the house. So my daughter and her friends are quite busted. I can't wait to hear the outcome of the rest of the conversation.

Busy day at work yesterday for the entire city. We did a lot of calls, and the one that was most notable was a 15 year-old male having an anxiety attack. I was unable to get to the bottom of what kicked it off, and the patient was not listening to coaching on the way to the hospital, so the doc who treated him in the ED "chemically coached" him with 0.5mg of IV ativan. I didn't do that myself because we were less than a half-mile from the hospital and I wanted the ED staff to see what we were dealing with. And that was the extent of that. Most everything else we handled yesterday was not so much non-interesting as it was all B.S. because of the heat.

As I'm working while I write this, I will be looking forward to getting out tomorrow. Another day closer to celebrating the wedding anniversary.....

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