Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Pool is Full

And the water is chilly..... I went for a dip in it on Sunday, and it was quite brisk! I'm going in before I go to work tonight to see if there has been any solar effect on the water, but I'm not hopeful about that; I expect it to be rather cool still. But I don't care - it's summer, I have a pool again, and the weather is warm enough to justify a swim in its depths.

Not much to talk about on the work front; the 24 I worked yesterday was actually rather uneventful. Only 7 calls between 5:00PM Sunday and 5:00PM Monday, and only one of them was worth talking about. An 80 year-old male who has a number of health issues that are common for his age group - insulin-dependent diabetes, coronary artery disease, untreated glaucoma which has resulted in a significant loss of vision - who expressed a desire to commit suicide to his son. That resulted in a call to us and the Manchester PD. We all arrived on scene at the same time and were informed by his son about what was going on with him in that he was not being compliant with any of his medications. I went in to talk with him to find out what was going on, and he told me that he didn't want to live anymore - his wife had a history of nervous breakdowns and he couldn't handle them anymore. His wife was at her sister's home because she needed to be with someone and he was unable to handle it at the moment.

Pretty emotional - he accused his kids of not being there for him and his wife "after everything I've done for all of you", including putting his three kids through college, etc. His son was really quite worried about him, and from what he told us this had happened before. While I was in with the father, the officers that responded came in with me to talk with him as well, and he was refusing to go to be seen. In this case, that is a problem; if a person expresses a wish to harm him/herself, then they have no choice but to go - that is for their protection as well as that of their family. By his steadfast refusal, the officers had to remove him forcibly from the house. Never a pleasant thing to see, but this was particularly tough because he was yelling at his son that he "shamed the shit" out of him. I actually felt kind of bad for him, and I especially felt bad for his son to have to deal with that kind of abuse.

I am looking forward to this weekend coming; my wife and I will be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary. We're going to be staying at a local hotel that adjoins the minor league baseball park and spending it at both scheduled baseball games, watching fireworks afterward, and generally hanging out. Doesn't sound terribly romantic to some, but it's what we both want to do, and it should be a good time just the same. We'll get to be together for two straight days (that in itself is worth looking forward to, at least for me) and we'll get to do something we both enjoy: watch baseball.

For now, I have to run errands and get ready for work in about 4 hours or so. More to talk about tomorrow, I suspect; I was one of many invited to an employee breakfast at the parent company of my employer for tomorrow morning. I'm planning on going, and I'm sure there will be things to share about that tomorrow. More then.

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