Tuesday, October 16, 2007

High Intensity

Over the past two days the level of the material we're getting in class has jumped. Yesterday we had lectures on hemodynamics and interpreting 12-lead EKG's. The 12-lead material was not a big problem, although I learned some things that would have been nice to know when I was in Paramedic school. On the other hand, the hemodynamics class was a bit overwhelming. I know that a lot of the content is based on values of pressures, but it was sort of like trying to untangle a piece of fishing line. Very difficult to do, and it requires lots of patience.

Between the weekend and last night, I've done a lot of studying. Some of it was with others in the class, and some was on my own. I have my own way of learning, and I find as much as I get out of working with the other folks in the class, some of what I pick up is best done on my own. Nothing wrong with that; everyone has their own learning style. I guess I'm getting the best of both worlds, in terms of that, mostly because I can learn from the others (and hopefully they learn from me as well), and on my own time I can reinforce what I know.

This morning we got a lecture on invasive lines, mostly different types of central access lines like Hickman and Groshong catheters and Port-a-Caths. We also got a good class on blood infusion. I was actually a little surprised on how much I know about blood products and the tricks and tips of giving a patient blood. Mostly it is on nurses to do that, but medics have to know how to deal with it if a patients is being transported with blood on board. I was actually a little disappointed; at the end of class this morning, I thought, "is this it?" But I know that this week there will be more, including a skills lab on Thursday.

Tonight we are going to the morgue to do an Anatomy and Physiology lab with cadavers. I am actually looking forward to it as I think I will learn quite a bit. At least I hope to. I will report on it when we're done.

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