Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Another Day in Paradise

Almost 2:00PM and I'm still working. At Tri-Town as I write this - I left Goffstown Fire at 6:00AM today with enough time to go home, take a shower and change uniforms, then go to Pembroke and be there for 8:00. I work here only Per Diem, which means if they need help and I'm available, I'll work. They need help often, and I'm not as available for them as I used to be. Honestly, though, I have no problem with that. Of all the places I work, Tri-Town pays me the least, and I haven't gotten a pay raise here since I became a Paramedic. It doesn't bother me, though, mainly because I'm not here often enough for it to be an issue, and I don't count the income I earn here towards anything of substance. If that makes sense....

The only good thing is that nothing is happening in Pembroke. Nothing. However, while I write this there is a gas line break in Hooksett, and they have numerous pieces of Fire apparatus on scene at the break dealing with it. Mutual aid was just dispatched for station coverage. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Last night there was a manhunt in Goffstown - a search for a man who got into a domestic dispute with his girlfriend or wife - I don't know which - and he pulled a handgun and fired one shot. The significant other took off, went to a neighbor's house, and called 911 from there. I'm not sure of the time of events, but when I got to Station 19 at 6:00 last night, my partner and I got shuttled down to Station 18 where the ambulance was staged (only about a half-mile or so from the command post) so that we could relieve the day crew. We were there until about 7:30 when we were relieved as the guy had been caught. After that, nothing. I got about 4 hours of sleep there, which is pretty good for me at work. So far today, I've been busy taking care of business - I had to do an online driver safety course, mandated by the Rock. It was a real pain in the ass because there was no way to fast forward through the video segments. I had to repeat some of the segments because of the content being a little mushy, but I got it done in about 2 hours, which wasn't bad. I can't complain. The next one I have to do is the online National Incident Management System (NIMS) course, also mandatory. I'm going to do that this week as well.

The other thing that's happening is that I found out that for me to be able to work in Goffstown over the next year I (and the other EMS employees) have to get Commercial Driver's Licenses. The reason we need CDL's is that the Ford truck bodies that the ambulances are on will be replaced, from what I'm told, with International trucks. I don't know when - nobody seems to know when, in fact - but a week from Saturday is CDL training.... I won't miss it.

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