Sunday, November 25, 2007

Of Tryptophan Comas and Other Maladies

Here it is, Sunday, three days after Thanksgiving, and the day of the Feast of Christ the King. I'm sitting here ruminating about the past four days and how it has been mostly good, but today I am having a hard time. I am currently not medicated and I am simply struggling to get through the rest of the day until bed. I have to work a 24 hour tour tomorrow, and I am praying that I can get through it. My wife upgraded her phone to play MP3's, and she's trying to get music loaded and is frustrated with it. She is an admitted non-techno person, but I am resisting the urge to help her with it simply because if she wants the toys, she has to learn how to put them together. However, if she asks, I will help her - I don't want to see her swinging out there for too long, because she might trash the computer. That would be bad.

Thanksgiving at our house was actually reasonably nice. We celebrated the holiday on Friday with our children as my wife and I both worked on Thursday. I worked Friday night, and it was a challenge to get through the first 4 hours of the shift because of the Tryptophan coma I was fighting. Once I got through that, I was okay. We only did 2 calls during the entire tour, and because of that we got a decent sleep in - nearly 7 hours. I am grateful when that happens.

Most of the weekend has been with our kids around, sort of. My step-daughter has been spending a lot of time with her boyfriend, and my kids both are dating and hang out with their intendeds a lot. I actually got to spend some quality time with my wife over Saturday and today, but I wish that I were feeling better. I feel guilty about being grumpy.

I'm expecting that I'll improve with medication. We'll see.

I've started the study process to take the Flight Paramedic certification exam. From what I see, the CCEMT-P material is good preparation, plus I need to obtain a copy of the CAMTS standards for the flight safety portion of it, plus I need a decent text book on flight physiology. There are a couple that are recommended, and I'm considering which one to obtain. More on that later.

I will take time tomorrow, I suspect, to write about the day. My gut tells me it will be busy because everyone will be back in the city, plus the added stress of the upcoming Christmas season will start affecting people full tilt. I don't look forward to that - it always seems that the number of cardiac arrests increase during this time of year. It did last year at this time and it was rather unpleasant, as I recall. So I guess I need to prepare myself for it.

The James Taylor album "One Man Band" is finally available - in an earlier post I wrote about seeing his show from the tour. It was incredible. He is one of the finest musicians and performers that walks the earth, and this show was no different from any other, at least in terms of quality. It was different in the way it was staged and performed as it was only him and a pianist. And he told stories about the songs he was to perform; that made it more interesting than I expected because he put background out to those of us in the audience that I don't think most of us were anticipating. I enjoyed it. Plus, he did some things with technology that I'd never seen before with his show. That was worth seeing...

More over the next couple of days. My fingers just seemed to get away from me tonight.

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