Monday, December 03, 2007

Winter Makes An Appearance

Well - let's try this again.... I had started an entry when something funky happened. My browser window went away while I was writing, and auto-recover didn't kick in. So I'm starting this again, but perhaps I'll write something that makes sense this time.

Anyway, I am at work, and I've been here since 4:30 this morning. Snow is falling outside at the rate of approximately 1/2" per hour, and since it started (midnight or so, I'm guessing) we've gotten maybe 6 inches of snow here. It's not terribly heavy snow - not quite snowball quality - but when this stops a high wind advisory is supposed to go into effect. Current temperature is 27-28 degrees F here, according to If the temperature stays consistent, that means what is on the ground will freeze, drivers will become stupid, and accidents will happen. The prospect of all of the above is actually rather frightening.

This past weekend was quite nice, and rather low-key. My wife and I got to spend it together, which doesn't happen often enough for my liking. Basically, we did house stuff, watched TV together, went to church yesterday, and had some good quality time. It was nice....

For anyone following the hostage situation that happened last Friday, I have to say that even though I am not a huge Hillary Clinton fan, she did a decent job in her own right: she kept in contact with those handling the situation, and she stayed out of the way. Those agencies that were in front of everyone else did quite well - the Rochester Police Department and the NH State Police, as well as the federal agencies that were involved, did a great job. The hostages were all released, the alleged perpetrator was taken into custody, and nobody was hurt. You can't ask for more than that.

However, this incident brings to mind an interesting question: what does this mean with regard to the security situation for political candidates and their offices and staffs? Does this mean "business as usual" for campaigns, or will it ultimately cause campaign offices to change the way they operate, in terms of the open doors that they usually have? I'm no expert, and there it certainly no easy answer to this question, but it seems to me that this could happen again and again in different places around the country if at least some level of vigilance isn't observed. But all we can do is see what occurs over time.

More to talk about as the weather unfolds....

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