Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Deep Freeze

Very, very cold up here today. I'm working as I write this, and on our way back from a call earlier we passed an outdoor temperature display - as of 1:00PM ET it was 18 degrees F outside. It's sunny and bright, but it is quite cold. Plus it is windy, which is causing the wind chill to make it seem even colder than it is. Personally, I could do without that, but it is winter in New England, after all.... On top of that, I'm told we're getting snow tomorrow. Oh boy - I can hardly wait.

Patriots/Giants - what a match-up. Considering the Giants gave the Pats their most challenging regular season game, I suspect it will be a tough contest. I have to say that I was extremely surprised - and pleased, I might add - to see NY win last night. As good a team as Green Bay was this season, it is always heartwarming to see the underdog pull it out. However, I really want to see the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl. Can't help that; I am partial to the team I grew up on. Besides, I remember many of the beatings they took over the years, and it is nice to have been able to see them come into their own.

It's been an interesting shift so far. Last night I felt like I was working for Rockingham Taxi and Movers as with the exception of one call we dealt with people that wanted rides to the hospital or needed to be picked up off of the floor. One call, in hindsight, was actually pretty funny: we got called to a multi-family residence in the North End for a public assist at 2:00AM. I know that time of day may sound a little unusual, but it happens pretty regularly. When we got the dispatch for the call, there were instructions for access to the residence - the caller had a house key hidden near the bulkhead in the back of the house. When we arrived on scene we located the keys and attempted to get into the house. Long story short, it wasn't happening as the keys didn't work in the locks.

As it happened, we could hear the caller, a 68 year-old male who, it turns out, was trying to get out of bed when he slipped off the edge of the mattress and landed on his back. He'd had a titanium rod placed along his spinal column, making it impossible for him to sit up. Anyway, he was on the phone with 911 and Manchester Fire Alarm, and when they told him an engine company (that we requested) was on the way to assist us with entry, he went crazy and started losing his mind with them - at one point, he said (quite pointedly) "I don't need a goddamn fire truck" to the 911 operator on the other end of the line. He was really pretty upset that we couldn't get in. So when the engine company arrived and brought in their tools, we had to make an attempt to take the door apart. Well, all of the noise woke up one of the other tenants, who as it happened had a key that worked in his lock. We opened up the house, got inside, and found our caller, butt naked on his bedroom floor between the mattress and the dresser next to the bed. We got him off of the floor and back onto his bed - turns out he'd had a back surgery a couple of months prior which left him unable to bend his lower back to sit up. That was why he couldn't get back up, otherwise he'd been okay. When we informed him that he had the wrong key on the ring, his attitude changed from being rather bellicose to humbled - he felt bad that he went off on us.

He did say a funny thing, though - I remarked to him that his house was locked up tighter than a drum which was part of our problem for not being able to get in. He said, "of course it's locked up - this is Manchester!" I couldn't argue with that....

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