Sunday, March 02, 2008

Snow Blind

I am so tired of snow.... As I write this I am looking out at the pool yard. Three sides are surrounded by a 6-foot garrison fence. The level of snow is more than halfway up the fence, and almost completely covering the 4-foot cyclone fence in the front. My driveway is getting shorter because there is no place else to put the snow that is shoveled and plowed up. We have a short turnout at the end of the driveway which faces the road. If we get much more snow, anyone that parks in the turnout will have part of their vehicle sticking out into the sidewalk. It's getting pretty bad. And they say we're to have more weather this coming Tuesday into Wednesday, or something like that. I can hardly wait.....

I've been working as an adjunct faculty member at the New England EMS Institute in Manchester, or NEEMSI for short. I've been there off and on for the past 5 years or so, but I've been picking up some work with the current EMT-Intermediate class that is in session. It's fun; I've always liked to teach, but there is something about talking with the people that are there as students and seeing that the vast majority of them are there to learn. They are not there because they have to be, but because they want to be. And they listen to what we say. That is encouraging. Plus, I act as a preceptor for multiple programs in the area now, and I working with my fourth Paramedic student. I've mentioned him before in this blog, and he is doing an exceptionally good job. He has the knowledge base and he is really good with trauma patients. At this point he is learning the medicine, and he's getting that really well and effectively. I'm pleased about that.

This past Friday night was my last one in Brentwood - starting tomorrow I will be working solely in Manchester again. Marc, my partner, and I had a decent last shift, unlike last week where we were up all night long. We only did 3 calls, and one of them didn't really count. First one was a patient from Exeter Hospital 4-South to the GPU (Gero-Psychiatric Unit) at St. Joe's in Nashua. When we got report we were told the patient was combative, but he behaved with us. I think it was because he was being transported by a couple of big guys, and it's been my experience that if we're dealing with someone who is a potential fighter, the big guy always gets in the back with the patient and they settle down. For the most part I've been able to do that with patients, plus I've been told that I'm good at talking people down. I suppose that comes from being married to a nurse who works in Behavioral Health; she's taught me a lot, in terms of dealing with people that are on the edge of doing things to hurt themselves. It seems to work most of the time, in any case.

We also helped out one of the Nashua crews with a NICU transport. As it turned out, the transport didn't happen because the baby was healthy enough to stay where she was, so we brought the transport team back to Manchester. That was the first time I ever did that; I'm still a little confused about that one.

As it stands I don't have to go to work until tomorrow morning; I think I will enjoy the day. Do the same.

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