Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Working!!!

I upgraded my browser to Firefox Release Candidate 3 this afternoon. I've been wanting to test it, but I'd also found some problems with the release I've been using. So far, I like it. The problems I'd been seeing so far have not been evident, and I really like the features. I will talk more about this as I use it. So far, however, I like what I see.

Yesterday was a wild day. Seven calls in seven hours, starting off with a DOA, a 39 year-old female who we found dead in her apartment. At least 24 hours, possibly more. She was past being in rigor mortis and into livor mortis, the difference being stiffness versus flaccidity. She had dependent lividity going on with her face, the left side of her body, her hands, and her feet. At the point we found her she hadn't started to decompose. Cause of death is uncertain; I know the medical examiner got involved in this. If I'm able to find out how she died I'll post.

We transported a 20 year-old female from Concord Hospital to the Mass. General Hospital in Boston this morning, first thing. She was in a single-vehicle MVC, restrained rear seat passenger who was ejected from the vehicle. She had a fractured pelvis and a fracture to her seventh cervical vertebrae. Her pain level was controlled with Dilaudid before we arrived, but I made sure I got orders for pain medication if I needed to give it on the road. Normally I wouldn't worry about orders; I have standing orders in New Hampshire to treat as needed, but in this case if I had trouble with after-effects (especially if her pressure dropped) I wanted to have it on paper from the sending physician. As it turned out, she tolerated the ride to Boston fairly well. Other than an episode of nausea (I treated that with 4 mg of IV Zofran and I increased her Oxygen from 2 to 4 L/min) she did fine. I expect she is in the Operating Room as I write this having the fracture to her pelvis repaired.

As I write this I am sitting at the table in our common room at work, and the crew is talking about donuts. It's a rather interesting conversation; I'm trying to stay out of it because the subject matter is rather adult. Pretty funny, just the same.

Tonight my son graduates from high school. Last night was the annual Baccalaureate Mass for the senior class. It was really nice - the only problem was the heat. It has been absolutely unbearable up here of the past few days. I think it is officially a "heat wave" now as we're in day 4 of 90-plus degree temperatures. In any case, the Bishop of Manchester was the principal celebrant and he had 6 priests who are pastors at churches where some of the students come from. The students were very much involved, especially the musicians.

Jon, my son, is graduating with honors. He's been a member of the National Honor Society for the past two years, he's been involved in campus ministry, dramatic society, and is a rather good tennis player. I'm pleased with how he's done, and I'm very proud of him. He will do well when he goes to college in September.

I'm going to stop here - certainly there will be more to write later. There always is.


Anonymous said...

Who's the most celebrated guy at a nudist colony?

The one that can carry 2 cups of coffee and 6 donuts!


EE said...

Congratulations, Jon!

AlexD said...


Sounds like you got guys got run into the ground. We have the same patients down here and the same national standards but entirely different protocols. You would be amazed that we have nitrous oxide for pain control but no service I know of carries it and some on-line medical control physicians that refuse to sign off on MS04. Great Post.

Alex ~D~