Friday, June 06, 2008



Today is the 64th anniversary of the Normandy invasion. Let's remember the folks who participated in it. D-day, as it is known, was the "day of days", and was the beginning of the campaign that ultimately ensured victory in Europe. The men and women who were there are part of The Greatest Generation, and they earned that distinction by their sacrifice.

As I write this I am watching "Caddyshack" with one eye. I love that movie - it is the epitome of stupid humor. The best scene is when the big boat trashes the little sloop with its anchor. And then of course there is the ending.... Kind of hard to believe that the actor Michael O'Keefe (Danny Noonan) is a Zen Buddhist priest these days. That is actually pretty cool, in my opinion.

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EE said...

Were you watching this on TV Land? I was as well! :)

It's probably one of my fave. movies.