Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Facial Discomfort

I caught a cold over the weekend. Ever since then, it feels like someone's attempted to drive a spike into the spot just under my right eye. No amount of Mucinex, Ibuprofen, or anything else I could think of (including a good strong shot of Bourbon) has done anything to relieve the pressure. I'm getting close to calling my PCP about it as the possibility of a sinus infection is one I'm not sure I can ignore much longer.

There is not a lot to talk about on the work front. About the only thing worth mentioning is that racing is over for another season. I'm honestly glad that it's done. With the schedule that I've been keeping all summer, it's a wonder that I didn't fall over. I guess the cold I've been dealing with is the price I've paid for working like a dog, and actually that's not a terribly high price, all things considered. I could be much sicker, or worse.

The good thing about the end of the meet is that we had no incidents of any sort during the course of the summer. That has never happened, according to the security people there, and we were ecstatic that there were no problems. If I go back next season, let's hope that we can do two years in a row.

The Republican convention has been going on, and it doesn't seem like it's had the same amount of fuss or fanfare that the Democrats got last week. I could be wrong, but the media isn't making as much noise about it overall. Other than Sarah Palin being the big story with her relative anonymity and her 17 year-old daughter's pregnancy, that is. I was watching one of the cable outlets this morning (I think it was Fox, but I'm not sure) and a report came across the screen that the Democrats were launching an effort to have Palin removed from the GOP ticket. Personally, that seems to be somewhat hypocritical to me; after all, Obama himself has been telling the Democrat machine to leave her alone, but they're not listening to him. If he can't control his own machine, how is he going to lead? Besides, in my own comparing and checking, even though Palin hasn't served in a Federal capacity, she's got experiences that Obama doesn't have even though she's a couple of years younger then him (and me, for that matter). And she has experience as a chief executive, something else Obama doesn't have.

On the other side of it, the GOP is pushing the same agenda that got the U.S. into the hole we're in now, and that seems to me to be a losing proposition.

With all of that said, I'm still in the same quandary I've been in over all of the politics going on. I've said in the past that the mix has definitely gotten more interesting with the addition of Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, and I still believe that to be true. Hopefully I'll find some clarity in all of this.

And hopefully my face will stop being so sore soon. I know - it's killing you also.....

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