Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Speech

I caught parts of Sarah Palin's speech to the Republican convention. I have to say I was impressed with her style. She's intelligent, articulate, personable, and she has a very attractive family.

So why do I get the same feeling from her that I get from everyone else?

I couldn't watch the entire speech; there was no way I could stay awake for it and get to work this morning (which is where I am now). But I caught enough of it to get a flavor of what I think is to come over the next 60 or so days.

It's going to be a very messy, ugly campaign. I'm not sure I can say why I think it will be this way, but I have a gut feeling that it will be, and I'm not sure it will be worth dealing with. Very likely it will become a series of personal attacks just like every other campaign has turned into, but because of the addition of Palin to the Republican ticket it will become even more so. I believe the reason for that is that Palin is perceived as a huge threat to the Democrats. That goes along with what I said yesterday about the effort to push her off of the Republican ticket.

And, yet again, I come away unsatisfied with what we are offered for choices in this upcoming election. I realize that the verbal fighting we are exposed to is expected, but it is still ridiculous when it goes on; there is no benefit to anyone when the jabs happen.

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