Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well, the stitches are out. And it hurts.

The appointment went longer than I expected it to go. When the cast came off, we discovered that in addition to the expected atrophy of my calf (which wasn't as bad as it could be, but it still is there) there was a legitimate gripe as to the heel pressure I was experiencing. I now have a second problem: a decubitus ulcer to my heel. A large black spot, about 3cm (a little over an inch) in diameter with redness around the perimeter of the ulcer.

That's bad. But the good news that it isn't an open sore. That would be worse.

And the surgeon asked me if I'm a diabetic, which I'm not. But apparently this is common among people (like diabetics) whose circulation is compromised. So, on top of everything else I am awaiting a telephone call from the wound clinic at the Elliot Hospital so that I can get seen and evaluated for this. Plus, although I'm out of the cast I now have a different boot than what I had before. It's adjustable - at least the angle of flexion or extension my ankle needs to have is set a little differently in that it will not only take care of keeping my Achilles set, but also to keep pressure off of my heel.

I have to go back to see him on November 18th. Provided things go decently over the next 3 weeks, he'll let me off of the crutches and allow me to start walking (and rehabbing). For the time being - at least the next 3 weeks - I have to continue not putting weight on it.

In addition to this, I had to get a temporary handicap placard for my car. The difference between a temporary and a permanent placard is that the temp's are good for a set amount of time, plus their color is red instead of blue. Mine's good until the end of March. And hopefully, by that time, I won't need it.

This whole thing has been a real blow to my pride. And I'm having trouble coping with it. Martha thinks I should get in contact with my therapist and talk with him about the whole experience. And while I know she's right, it's still hard to do it. But I really should....

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