Sunday, October 19, 2008

Up And Down

That is how I've been over the past couple of days. Up and down. Literally. Up about every 60-90 minutes to go to the bathroom, and down on my butt once on my way back to the chair last night.

I was in the kitchen - we have an office chair in there, and I was using it to get around so as to eat something for dinner - when the house phone rang. In making my way to the phone, the chair's casters got hung up on a little piece of an area rug we have in front of the sink. From there I'd bet a pretty clear picture can be drawn..... My momentum carried me off of the chair and onto the kitchen floor.

Fortunately no real harm was done. I was (surprisingly) able to think quickly enough to protect my left leg as I was able to lift it enough so as not to make contact on the bottom of my foot. Most of the impact went to my left elbow and my bottom. And my pride. Plus, my stepdaughter had shown up a few minutes earlier and was in her bedroom, and when she came out to see what had happened she got a good laugh at my expense. In the midst of all of this I was able to answer the house phone and it was my dear friend Heather from Nova Scotia - she was calling to make sure I was doing okay, so we chatted for a few minutes while I was sitting on the floor between the kitchen and the living room trying to figure out how to get up off of my ass.

Well, with a little help from Kerry (my stepdaughter) and one of her friends who had come with her I was able to get up off of the floor and back into the chair. The bonus was that she helped me put together supper for myself. Then I was good for the rest of the night until my wife got home from work.

Sleeping at night has been a real struggle. Part of the problem is that I can't get my leg into a good position because somehow I end up moving then before I know it, I'm awake and extremely uncomfortable. The problem is keeping pressure off of my heel; as long as I'm able to do that I seem to be okay, but I've managed to get my heel caught up on the end of the pillows I use to support my foot and leg while keeping it elevated. When I wake up, it is pretty painful - it cuts through the chemicals in my system like a knife through hot butter. So I have to get up, readjust myself (the hardest part because by then sleep has definitely been disrupted) and try to go back. And it takes a while to settle back down, too; over the past couple of nights I've managed to maybe get 3-4 hours of somewhat fitful sleep. Otherwise I've been awake, and it's starting to make me a little cranky.

I'm still working on a solution for this problem. Any suggestions, short of amputation, would be welcome at this point.


Pete said...

Glad to hear all went well...your play by play, as usual, was an enjoyable read; especially considering it was your achilles, not mine! I bet a few more days of pain and pain meds and then it's the 4-6 months of annoying rehab so keep the faith.

HJSLT said...

It was great to chat with you, even if you were sitting on your arse. But then again, isn't that how we met 27 years ago??? LOL. Hope you are feeling as well as you can be - yes, drugs are goooooood. Will call again soon and try not to put you on your butt next time! H.