Monday, November 03, 2008

A Follow-Up Visit

This morning I saw the wound guy again.

We had a look at the wound as it is, and it appears to be changing its shape. Maybe healing a little bit, but definitely demarcating and looking different than it did this past Friday. His treatment modality is continuing - basically, continue using the silver gel (I thought it was Silverdene, but it is not) and keeping it covered with a foam dressing. I have another appointment this coming Friday with him and we'll have another look. In the meantime, I am hanging out doing what I have been doing - no changes.

I have CNN on as I write this. At 1310, I am watching the live feed of Sarah Palin in Missouri on the stump. She is talking about domestic energy policy. The words "drill, baby, drill" and "mine, baby, mine" just crossed my ears. As did her stand on helping families who have children with disabilities.

Regardless of whether or not Sarah Palin is qualified to be Vice President, I agree with her on this one. And I know her baby boy has Down Syndrome - just the same, I'm glad she's taking a stand.

Everyone is working hard out on the campaign trail. Both parties want to make sure that anyone - and everyone - who is able to vote does. To that end, we all need to make sure we vote. Regardless of who our candidate of choice is, get out there.

Make a choice.



Pete said...

Sorry to read of your wound if tearing your achilles wasn't bad enough!
I'm on the way to El Paso at the crack of dawn, but was able to vote on an absentee ballot. As usual, I stuck with the Republican candidates with one major exception...Obama got this Republican's vote. In the words of Ronald Reagan, "I never left the Republican Party, It left me"...actually, I think he said that about the Democratic Party, when he was a Democrat...but I digress....A seachange is needed in our leadership although, I do fear a completely Democrat Congress.
As far as Gov. Palin, I would tend to agree that we have a national emergency when it comes to energy, so further drilling and mining is paramount to our national security. The challenge is not to take our eyes off of developing workable alternatives. Children with disabilities? I've got one of those (5 year old) and I completely admire and respect her unconditional love for her little guy with Downs. Most would have aborted, as we sadly know.

Walt Trachim said...

Safe trip, my friend.