Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Ortho Guy, Part 2

I saw the Orthopedic surgeon today and for the first time in a little while I got some good news.

First, he is very happy with the way the surgery went and how well everything has healed. He also looked at the wound on my heel and he is encouraged by how it is looking up to now. Because it is actually not on the sole of my foot, he made some changes to what I am doing. He ordered the adjustment of my boot from -10 degrees down to the neutral position. In doing this he also had placement of a heel cushion so that I can put my foot down to a nearly flat position in the boot without causing undue stretching of the tendon. This would be a problem as stretching it out prematurely would likely cause it to re-rupture (if that is a word).

In addition, he told me that I can start partial weight-bearing: 25% of my body weight this week and adding 25% each week so that four weeks from now I am total weight-bearing on my left leg. He also told me that I can go back to the gym and start working on my upper body and my core again. However, I can't do any lower body work because he won't have me start PT/rehab until I am able to bear weight on it.

The best news, though, is that I don't have to wear the boot to bed anymore. Having to wear it to sleep has been no less than torture, and I will not miss it. However, since I have to see the wound doc on Thursday, he may order me to wear a waffle boot to sleep. In itself, this isn't a big deal - a waffle boot is much smaller than what I am wearing now, and it will protect the wound from getting bounced around. For tonight, though, I'm going to revel in not having to wear a leg iron while I sleep.....

On an unrelated note, it is cold up here now. Compared to the relatively balmy conditions we've had off and on here, it's clear that winter is not far off. As I write this at almost 7:00PM it just hit 32 degrees with the promise of the temperatures dropping to the 20's. I suspect that some of the achiness I've been contending with is due to my body's ability to become a natural barometer. And that happens to so many people. Anyone who has arthritis, has recovered from a broken bone or a joint injury, or anything like that, can definitely relate to my saying that. And it is now part of my left leg.... I already can feel barometric pressure changes with my left shoulder, so adding my lower body to this phenomena shouldn't be a real surprise, should it?


Laura said...

Hi Walt: Great news! Everything in patience, they say and you've sure had your bumps. Grateful for your post tonight. Everyone seems not to be in a writing mood. It's been cold here in MA, expecting it to dip into the 20's. Keep the home fires burning.

Walt Trachim said...

I'm happy with how the day went, but I'm actually tired - I'd forgotten how much work it is to walk on two feet :)

Take care, and stay warm!

Susie Hemingway said...

Glad to read your good news - hope all continues well. We are expecting snow this weekend in the north east(uk), makes the village look so beautiful but getting extra stocks in, just in case!

Walt Trachim said...

I suspect the snow will be falling here sooner than later.... Definitely do what you need to so that the cold and snow isn't a problem. Be well!

Pete said...

It's amazing how long and complicated the healing process is for an achilles rupture...
It sure was cold driving into Manchester airport at dawn this morning...in El Paso tonight, so it should be a little less frigid.
Each year, the cold weather gets just a bit more annoying than the next...must be an aging thing.
Stay well.

Walt Trachim said...

I know what you mean about the weather, Pete - it's as I said. I feel more and more like a human barometer.

Be careful in your travels, my friend.

TOTWTYTR said...

Encouraging news, Walt. I hope the rest goes as well.

It's cold down here in eastern MA too. Mid 20s the past three days.

The Farmers Almanac says winter will be colder, snowier, and longer than last year. Just in time for me to go back on the overnight shift. Lovely.

Of course Al Gore tells us that we're going to melt from global warming.

I'll take the Almanac's word on this one.