Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Vote

As of 2100 with polls closing in a number of states, so far it appears that Barack Obama is giving John McCain an ass-kicking.

In my home of New Hampshire, the Democratic candidates are sweeping the election. Considering New Hampshire has been traditionally a Republican state, this is significant. This leaves Senator Judd Gregg as the lone Republican legislator in the state.

The electoral college numbers, as of now, are like this:

Barack Obama: 174 votes
John McCain: 76 votes.

While this is not over yet, the numbers so far are significant.

Regardless, history is being made as I write this. And, for the record, I voted for Barack Obama. During the day tomorrow I will write about why I chose to vote for him; needless to say, it truly wasn't an easy decision. But I did have my reasons.

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Ellie said...

Not that I need them, but I am interested to hear your reasons for choosing Obama.
I'm excited to embark on this new time in our history.