Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Wednesday - The Weekday Which Has No Value

I don't feel especially well today.

Part of the reason could be that I haven't slept well over the past couple of nights. Martha thinks it's because I'm not getting enough activity, and she may have a point. That said, while I can go to the gym to do upper body work, it's a haul to get there from the parking lot.

I never realized how much work it is to walk when you only have one leg that works fully and one that doesn't. While I am able to bear some weight now (but there are times when it's downright painful to do so because of the ulcer) it still is a workout in itself to get to the fitness center. I've been probably 5 times since I got the okay to do upper body stuff, and I was planning to go today, but I just feel crummy. Since tomorrow I have a wound care appointment in the early morning (7:30) and an appointment to see my head examiner at 11:00, I'll probably go in-between. I've also been putting off buying a snowblower, which really needs to happen and soon. Maybe I'll venture out and do that this afternoon.

I've been looking at a Husqvarna; in the past I've owned their products, most notably two of their chain saws over close to 20 years. I never had any problems with them, in terms of reliability or quality. I did, however, beat the living crap out of both of them, and they still worked really well even with abuse. I don't expect to have to do that with a snowblower, however; I really won't even get to use it during this winter, in fact. That's mostly for my own safety; the last thing I'd need would be - after I'm cleared to walk, of course - to do something really stupid outside with a 300-lb. piece of equipment in front of me.

No - I may be out of my mind sometimes, but I'm not stupid. I won't put myself at risk when the snow comes.

Last night the Fire and Rescue Association had their annual meeting and dinner. It was either Lobster and Steamers or Prime Rib, and with my allergies to shellfish I'd bet you can guess which choice I made. Food was good and it was really nice to see people I haven't seen for a while. I, because of my status, was subjected to an especially vigorous teasing, but I know the spirit in which it was intended - actually it was pretty funny. Martha and I both went, and we had a nice time.

I think I've mentioned the construction going on across the road from my house. This is what it looks like as of a few minutes before this post:

Local planning at its finest, I dare say. The construction crew is working to get the outside done before we get any real weather, and I would say that time is getting short for them. It will be interesting to see how much they complete before we get dumped on. Needless to say, traffic is always fun to watch; a couple of weeks ago a traffic light was installed just beyond the cones. From my perch on the recliner I could see the line of cars, not moving or moving really slowly. The police officer on the traffic detail wasn't having a good time, either; as I've said before, stupid people do stupid things, all in the name of public safety. That day, for the officer on the detail, I suspect was no different.

At least today the cars are moving.

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