Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moving Uphill

I have not been able to motivate myself to do anything of substance so far today. Although I'm feeling better than I was yesterday, I've still been a bit of a slug. However, I am trying to remedy that. There are a few things I need to get done, and to that end once this post is up I'm going to get organized, even if it is 1:00PM and half of the day is gone...

I ended up with a little more medication for pain last night, and I figured out this morning that it was a good idea to do that. I actually slept most of the night, and I think I only woke up once at about 12:30 this morning when Martha's cell phone rang. The joys of her being in charge of everything, at least for now - it was one of her nurses, and there was a problem with a client coming over from one of the hospitals. Apparently he takes medication for chronic pain, and the clinician that is at the ED wanted him to go over with the meds he has. That said, the unit has no way of managing those meds, plus because there is the issue of controlled substances there is a lot of paperwork that goes along with this, so if it were to happen, the amount of headache would be very large indeed.

As it turns out, when Martha heard who this client was she became immediately suspicious - apparently this person came up from south of the border (Massachusetts, not Mexico) because he'd been shut off by the doc he'd been seeing there. So there is a question as to whether or not he's getting his pain medication off of the street and self-medicating that way. In any case, it's not a problem that she wanted to have to deal with, so she got in touch with the on-call doc, who I guess is going to deal with it.

If it were me, I would have done the same thing. When controlled substances are involved, any slips could jeopardize my provider license, and it's the same with where Martha works, only it would be a problem for both her and for the facility.

Amazing how I could recall this from a semi-stupor. But now, it's off to try to do things... Choice of music? I think I turned a corner with the heel. At least I hope so.

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