Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Long Day

Aye, that it was.

It was very unpleasant to wake up this morning to no heat. The temperature was 54 degrees F at 7:30AM. Turns out that we had a couple of things go wrong: a clogged nozzle in the burner, and the step-down transformer that is part of the burner system both were burned out. I don’t quite know how that happened, but it did. Tomorrow (actually, today) the tech who came to fix the problems is going to be back to complete what appears to be some needed preventive maintenance. Plus, we got a delivery of fuel oil, which we were scheduled for, but I checked the tank and the float appeared to be at empty. It wasn’t (actually, we were at just about 1/2 tank and we received 138 gallons), but it definitely looked like we were nearly out of fuel. Fortunately, we weren’t…

I saw the wound guy today, and we talked about options for what to do with the wound. I asked him about whether or not grafting would be appropriate, and he told me that it would indeed be. He then gave me the name of a plastic surgeon he regularly refers patients to. The surgeon, Daniel Driscoll, MD, FACS, is on the surgery faculty at Harvard Medical School and Tufts Medical School, and he appears to have a fairly extensive cosmetic surgery practice, based on what I saw at his Web site. In addition, Dr. Farooqi (the wound doc) tells me that he’s good when it comes to dealing with wounds. And mine is small enough that I would think the procedure to close it would be easy in comparison to the nose jobs, tummy tucks, and breast augmentations he probably does regularly.

So I made a call. And I have an appointment for a surgical consult on March 9th.

So now that we have the heat problems fixed, I have an appointment with a plastics guy, and I got ashes (my forehead made a really big target), I can go to bed. And do this all over again tomorrow. With luck, I’ll have my phone figured out more, too.

Sure I will.

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