Friday, March 13, 2009

A Word About Rehab

Something I wanted to talk about in the last one but I forgot….

One of the important things I'm pushing on is going to a real rehab facility, not a nursing home that has a rehab unit.

No way. No how. If that were to be attempted, my response would be to send me home, order a hospital bed, have it set up in my living room, and take my chances. Knowing the things I know about nursing homes, the last thing I want is to be put in one after surgery. Especially because of the conditions under which I will be there.

The plastics guy’s office coordinator is working on getting authorization for me to go to the HealthSouth facility in Concord. Ideally, that is probably the best place that I could go to, mainly because if there is anyway I can get into a wheelchair and have my leg elevated and the pump attached to me somehow I could at least do upper body conditioning. That is something I would need to discuss with somebody – I don’t know who yet.

As it is, I will have to mentally prepare myself for what is to come. I don’t know quite how I’m going to deal with it yet, but I believe that will make itself clear to me somehow.

And now, a little bit of traveling music….

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