Friday, April 10, 2009

Confinement: Episode 5 – Coming Home

I am finally out of the hospital. I am home.

As I write this, I am in the hospital bed with the pressure reducing mattress that we got for the rest of my adventure here. We commandeered part of my office for the bed. It works, at least for now. I’m sad that I can’t sleep in my own bed – I will miss sharing bed space with Martha, but under the circumstances it really is the best solution.

I almost didn’t get here tonight. After I posted this afternoon’s update the case manager came into my room and told me – after I’d been assured that I would be leaving – that I couldn’t be discharged because the wound vac manufacturer didn’t get the order information to the WC insurer, causing a big pile up on the bureaucracy freeway. To say that I was upset is a great understatement….

I called Martha to let her know what was going on, and that was all it took. She went into overdrive, and in the process she moved Heaven and Earth. Somehow she managed to get the wound vac situation fixed, resolved some issues that were going on around the delivery of the hospital bed, and got an ambulance ride scheduled for me. As it was, I needed to get the wound vac I was going to have outside of the hospital; I couldn’t take the one I was attached to with me and a technician from the wound vac company showed up at my room at 8:30 this evening. Within 20 minutes I had a different wound vac, and I was discharged from the hospital. Probably 15 minutes after that a Cataldo crew came through the door of my room. One of the crew members is a good friend, and the other was a new guy that was really good. They loaded me and all my stuff up and brought me home. And they were the bright spot of the day for me.

So I am now home. And I must get some sleep because I’m really tired. Tomorrow, the adventure continues….

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