Sunday, April 12, 2009

Confinement: Episode 8

A quiet Easter day it was. Martha and I had dinner together – the usual stuff: ham, mashed potatoes, and Martha did some sautéed vegetables which were really good. Earlier today the pastor of my church came to see me and brought Communion. We had a good visit.

Martha teases me about the blogging efforts I make. She understands why I write, and she does read this blog. It doesn’t stop her from a little playful banter, especially about the content. She joked earlier today that I’ve written about some intimate details of my being stuck on the Barca bed, like dealing with body functions and such. I promised her I wouldn’t subject anyone to that. And I won’t; who wants to write about the challenges of going…. Well – you get the message, I think.

While I’m writing this, I am also following a major fire that is happening in Alton, near the Alton Bay area. There is a camp up there that is used as a Christian retreat center, and there are reports of multiple buildings on fire as well as the surrounding landscape. There is a slide show of photos of the fire scene at WMUR’s web site.

My understanding is that a ninth alarm was sounded within the past half-hour.

Pray for the safety of all the personnel working this incident.

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