Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Notes From Confinement: Episode 2

It has been an interesting day.

I've received multpile doses of IV anti-biotics as I write this. In addition, I have received a boatload of fluid, and accordingly I have exercised my kidneys in extreme fashion. And just like when I was in for the increased heart rate I've gotten Lovenox. That will continue for as long as I'm confined.

One thing that is certain is that I need a shave. I don't have a razor with me and when I got washed up this morning that was one thing not provided. That's probably just as well as I'd probably hurt myself

I should put up a photo. Maybe when I have my laptop...

I haven't needed pain medication since early this morning. That's good, but I will ask for it if I need it. And the surgeon came in this morning; he unwrapped the donor site and it really does look like road rash. Just a bit more blood than an abrasion, and it's under control.

I did get bad news: rehab was definitely denied. Skilled nursing is in my future, like it or not. The doc's appeal was denied this morning, and the case manager is working on finding me a bed. At this point I need to see what happens because that is all I can do, at least for now.

More tomorrow, when I have more to talk about. I'll be able to do more with a laptop, but this is better than nothing at all. No complaints.

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Karen Brook Westhaver said...

Glad you're doing well! But sorry to hear the news about rehab being declined :-( Still praying God's best plan for you about all this!!!