Thursday, July 09, 2009


I have to address comments made to the post I put up yesterday. For those of you who expressed concern about my well-being (that would be all of you who posted) I truly appreciate it. And I will admit and agree that your concerns are well-founded. As I said in yesterday’s post, Martha has made a strong case for my backing off the amount of hours I’m working, and she asked me in fairly strong terms to do this. I’ve already committed to her that I would slow down, especially in light of my plans to return to school in September. When that happens, I won’t be able to work nearly as much as I have been, anyway. And I’m fine with that. Really – I am!

In response to the “death wish” comment: honestly, I do not have one. The reason I’ve worked so much, simply put, is to catch up. Remember that for eight months I was unable to work, and during that time I received workers’ compensation. For those of you not aware, it comes out to approximately 60% of one’s pay. That’s a considerable decrease in income, especially over an extended period of time. Because of having been in this position, I’ve really had to work out how I’m going to take care of bills that I’ve had to wait to pay. And it has been a challenge.

Consequently, I’m at least for the moment doing what I absolutely have to do so that it gets done. And while I do enjoy my work, I am not insane, nor am I trying to be stupid about it. I just need to finish this stretch of scheduled shifts. The last one I have is on the 20th, a week from this coming Monday. And once those shifts are done, I will be scaling back who I work for. The only other outstanding stuff I have going on is with Rockingham Park during the month of August, and I haven’t scheduled those yet. But that will be over by the 31st.

As I said in yesterday’s post, it’s clear that I’m over-extended. I will fix that, though. I have to; I went too far too fast, and I must back off. And the fix is in place. It will happen over the next two weeks.



Karen Brook Westhaver said...

Isn't it nice to know people REALLY care about you and are concerned about your welfare as well as wanting you to be happy? :) It's hard, coming from being out of work as long as you were to get to that balance of not only being fulfilled and happy, but in the immortal Star Trek words, to "Live Long and Prosper". Speaking for myself, anyway, my comments were just being supportive of the concerns you wrote about in your post. Whatever it takes, be well, my friend! Oh...and you know that singing is REALLY good for your health :-)

Michael Morse said...

Slow down, Walt! Guys our age have to walk, not run. Remember the story about the old bull and the young bull standing on the hill looking at the cows?

Good luck, and stay safe!