Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Disjointed Images

I don’t want to sound nuttier than I already am, but last night’s sleep was just plain bizarre. The dreams were really out there, and I truly thought I was participating in something from the mind of Lewis Carroll.

One in particular is still hanging out, and I have got to get rid of it, so I’ll share. I dreamed that I was the caretaker of this elderly woman who was incredibly wealthy. She was also quite eccentric; she was a recluse to the point of being hermit-like. And there were a couple of other things that stuck out: one was that she was deeply religious. So much so, in fact, that she had a chapel built in one of the rooms of the house she owned (the house was quite large, by the way) and she made arrangements to have a priest come to her house to celebrate Mass daily. The other thing in this dream that was so bizarre was that a good friend of mine who is a Paramedic (he also happened to be one of the people that helped me come along when I was in Paramedic school) was also in the dream. Apparently he’d been her caretaker before me and was fired from the job. Not because he wasn’t a good caretaker, but because he was incredibly irreverent. And he was still welcome in the house to visit anytime he liked.

I know how this reads. As I just read what I’d written, if I didn’t know myself I would think I’d lost my mind. But I’m still trying to figure out what it means. Is there real significance to this dream or did I have it simply because I’d been un-medicated for a couple of days? I’m inclined to think the latter, but I really don’t know...

If I ever find out I will follow up. Comments are welcome, even if it’s to tell me that I have gone totally mad.

Stay safe.


Karen Brook Westhaver said...

Cool dream, Walt. And no, you're not "mad"....not as a hatter, not as a wet wasp (meaning "mad" as in really really angry). After such vivid dreaming, I hope you felt at least somewhat rested when you woke up! Fast interpretation via email. Too much to put in a comment. Fear not. You're fine. Creative, tired, complex, but FINE...fine :-)

Anonymous said...

Here are my thoughts for what it's worth..I am only on one of the medications you are on and when I adjust the dosage even by a small amount the dreams go crazy. So my guess is medication. I had a recent bout with such dreams and won't even begin to describe the strange nature of them. Sometimes they can be pleasant, other times just plain freaky. :) Jay

Susie Hemingway said...

I know for sure that H gets loads of very complex dreams, often through the drugs he must take.I know this to be so in a lot of cases - adjustment to meds etc often disturbs sleep patterns.Producing vivid nightmare type dreams. I for one. never dream, as I seldom sleep, and if I do never properly - always one ear listening!! You're too clever, creative and wise to be mad.Then again Walt...sure you didnt have a late supper of some 'good' cheese?

Michael Morse said...

I think the pieces will come together eventually. It sounds like a pretty good dream, I love those little mysteries that play in my mind every night.