Saturday, September 05, 2009

Class In Session

It started last night. I’ve talked about it some here, but I should be a little more specific as to what’s going on.

Anatomy and Physiology Part One – the first of at least three semesters of pre-requisite classes that I am taking. The others are A&P II and Microbiology. With these I should be able to apply for admission to the direct-entry MSN program at UNH. At least that’s the plan; knowing what I know I can be assured that Murphy will be actively involved in the admission process, meaning that if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong at the worst possible time.

Someone asked me what this means. Why am I applying to this program and not another? Well, first of all I am interested in the program; I know 4 nurses that have graduated from the program and they all report that it is intense, albeit a bit scattered. But overall a good program with a good pass rate. Second, it is a graduate-level program that does not require a degree in a life science. As long as the pre-requisite courses have been fulfilled and I’m able to get accepted, I’ll be okay. Also, the program provides an opportunity to test for clinical nurse leader certification, not necessarily something I aspire to but also not a bad thing.

I guess the main reason I’m so interested in this program is because I don’t want to take a step to the side or a step back, in terms of education. I really don’t want to pursue another bachelor’s degree, and this is a good way to not go down that road.

As for this class, I believe it will be a really good review as well as tune up the details that I never got when I was in Paramedic school. I think it will prove to be this way over the next few weeks.

More on that later on.


Susie Hemingway said...

Hamada and I wish you very good with this, I don't suppose for one moment it will be easy but so very very worthwhile.

Walt Trachim said...

Thank you, Susie. I expect to be challenged; if it were going to be easy I have no doubt I would be bored. And I agree: the prize at the end will be worth all of the effort.

Medic7 said...

Hi Walt... I loved A&P I and II. I had a great prof and it was a lot of fun. Micro...not so much. :)

I hope all is well. I'd love to hear how you're balancing school/work/home time. I start my crazy balancing act in 2 weeks.