Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 11 – The Day After

I realize I’m posting about it a day late. That wasn’t intentional, but I was a train wreck when I got out of work yesterday morning, and I had to deal with class last night.

No excuses, I know. But I wanted to acknowledge the day, even if I am late in doing so.


Karen Brook Westhaver said...

As daily we live with the consequences of the events which occurred on that day, I think it's important that there be memorial thoughts for 9/11 on days other than the actual anniversary. So, no "excuses" needed! It is a blessing to see this brief and fitting post today. I wrote nothing on yesterday's anniversary as I was caught up in my own prayerful recollections and feelings. How devastatingly it directly effected so many whom I know and as a counselor, how intense it was in working with these folks. Woven throughout my thoughts yesterday, like a tapestry type meditation, were the words of The Beatitudes, " Blessed are the poor in spirit...are the meek...are they who mourn...are they that hunger and thirst after justice...are the merciful...are the clean of heart...are the peacemakers...are they that suffer persecution for justice' sake...". Thanks for the quiet dignity in your memorial post of 9/11.

Susie Hemingway said...

I think Karen has said it all - a perfect gentle tribute to an appalling memory of a devastating day.
And to the post above - the lady has every right to rant and rave but should always remember that not all Muslims are terrorists, as not all Catholics are good people or Jewish without fault. There remains in this world of ours good and bad in all races colours and creeds and even though on days like September 11 it is hard to believe but it is so.