Thursday, September 03, 2009

Writing From The Blackberry

I hadn't posted anything from this yet and I'm not sure how this will appear. But here it is.

Class starts tomorrow night. I am looking forward to it and at the same time I'm a little nervous. But I'm hopefully somewhat prepared; there are few things that I could do to embarrass myself than to not be ready. While most people probably wouldn't really care, to me it's a matter of personal pride. And I really have no excuse to not do well in the class as the human body is the "stock in trade" of what I do. Besides, I got a really good overview when I was in Paramedic school.

Let's hope I didn't forget what I learned back then.

For some reason I'm feeling antsy today. Couple that with a mild headache and some residual fatigue and I'm just not feeling myself. It's not that I don't feel well; I'm fine. Just a bit tired. And that will improve over time, I think. The workload will lighten up with the start of this this class. And hopefully my energy levels will start to come back up as well.

Another beauty of a day up here. It feels like fall has arrived and in some places leaves are starting to change. If I see any trees that look good I'll try to remember to get a photo. For now, if you're in the Boston area or in southern New Hampshire, enjoy the evening.
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Karen Brook Westhaver said...

Good luck with class tonight, Walt, though I know you won't need it :-) Change and the beginning of new things we're not in control of, even though we elect them, are a bit unsettling. Remember Julian of Norwich, "All will be well..." Glad your other work load will be lessening! Hard to hear about leaves changing back there. It took SO long for summer to arrive, I'm reluctant to let it go. We're having a quiet "last day" here before the hectic packing and cleaning commence and the return home tomorrow. Where did the time go? (sigh)

max said...

What are you going back to school for?

Walt Trachim said...

I'm taking pre-requisite courses that I need to apply for admission to nursing school. I have to take two or three - I'm not certain which yet - other courses in addition to what I'm taking now.