Friday, January 22, 2010

Spring Semester

It started for me today. Anatomy and Physiology II got underway tonight.

I know – another Friday night class. But this semester is actually going to be a little easier to handle since my work schedule changed. What was really nice is that the vast majority of people who were in the class last semester are back for this semester. There are a couple of new faces, but it will be okay because in a relatively short time we’ll all be blended again.

Tonight we got right into it – started on the endocrine system. We’re halfway through the lecture notes and there is lots of material to cover. Next week we’ll finish it and over the two weeks following we’ll be covering blood and then the heart.

Finally! Some things I can sink my teeth into!

I think I’ve talked about the instructor in the past. He’s a chiropractor; that in itself is unusual but very interesting. He’s a relatively young guy (late 30’s) who is quite knowledgeable and also really fair. And he does a good job with the class. At one point I had some difficulty with him last semester due to problems I was having with microscopes. But we were able to work through it. I’m hoping that I can handle them this semester; I know that there will be some histology involved and I’m expecting it to be a pain like it was before. But I’m going to do my best to get them right.

Tonight the lecture not only covered the major glands that make up the endocrine system but also an extensive list of hormones secreted by the glands. There was a lot of information already – not a problem as far as I’m concerned – and I believe, if it’s like last semester, it’s going to be another information monster. How could it not be?

The one benefit of taking A&P has been, as I’ve said before, an excellent review of concepts that I was exposed to while I was in Paramedic school. The details have been being filled in which I’m finding extremely helpful. And this in itself has really aided in, simply put, understanding the human body better as well as what happens when the body doesn’t function the way it is supposed to.

I expect this to continue. And either this coming summer or next fall. And I’m happy about it.