Friday, February 19, 2010

On Public Apologies

Tiger Woods is a knuckle head.

By now I’m sure the vast majority of us have been exposed to the media circus surrounding his sexual dalliances and the subsequent fallout from it. Now he’s apologizing publicly for his bad behavior. All well and good, I suppose, but the manner in which he is doing this is totally and completely wrong.

First and foremost, he hasn’t changed anything. In my opinion, he is a pirate; he planned his appearance to occur at the same time as the start of a major professional golf tournament. Second, I watched it, and I simply wasn’t impressed with his demeanor. While he acknowledged what happened and defended his wife, I just got the feeling that he wasn’t being sincere about it.

I could be wrong, but it just felt that way to me.

That he wouldn’t take questions speaks volumes. Personal courage? Where is it?

I am sorry, but it will take more than this for me to believe that he really means what he says.

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Pete Mac said...

Self Serving, unbelievable, insincere, narcissitic all come to mind. They'll be no shortage of sponosrs and sportswriters grovelling at his feet when he returns.