Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Routine

It’s interesting how much the arrival of a newborn into one’s home can change a family’s dynamics.

Not in a bad way, of course. But things are a little different now. We’ve had to modify some of our daily routines a little bit. And I think this will continue to play itself out over the immediate future.

The first couple of nights were pretty challenging for Kerry and Scotty. Turns out they were worried about waking Martha and me up over the middle of the night. That’s not a problem, as far as we’re concerned, though; their first priority needs to be to take care of the baby. And if they need help, all they need to do is ask.

One of the characters in our household who is a little confused by all of this is Bushka, our cat. He hasn’t quite figured out what to make of her. I do think, however, that he has figured out that things are somewhat different with the addition of Peyton to our family. And he may or may nor warm up to her; only time will tell.

Peyton is a wonderful baby, though. First, she is beautiful. Second, she has a pair of lungs that are unmatched. And she is not afraid to assert herself, especially when she’s hungry. And when she’s wet. It’s pretty clear when she needs to be changed because she doesn’t like that, either.


Martha took this photo of me when I was having a “bonding moment” with Peyton. She likes being somewhere that there is light movement and a heartbeat. And it doesn’t hurt when there is warmth present either. Apparently I possess all of those qualities. And I was pretty tired; I think I’d fallen asleep. As Peyton probably did also it was actually a pretty special moment. At least Martha thought it was – enough so as to catch it on camera.

She is a lovely child – no question. And I think I’m somewhat attached to her.


40lizard said...

She is beautiful! and she's got it all figured out too! My daughter's favorite place to sleep was in the same spot as Peyton's! to this day- she's five now- she has to sleep somewhere near my shoulder! Enjoy these days! As you know they pass way too fast! Congratulations!

Grizzly Girl said...

Congratulations! You both look extremely happy and very comfortable. I'm excited to hear more stories of little Peyton as she grows! :)

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