Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Position Of Comfort

It’s a funny thing. As I get older, I find that sitting comfortably sometimes is harder to do than I would like. And today my back is moderately stiff. This is making me not feel as well as I would like, but I still have to function, and I have to move forward. I suppose tomorrow morning when I get home I will have to do some stretching to loosen it up. And since I have a history of back trouble, I want to make sure I don’t make myself worse instead of better.

Tomorrow will make for an interesting day. I have an appointment with one of the admissions counselors from UNH-Manchester. We’ll talk about what makes more sense, in terms of preparing for the PA school application process. My biggest question is whether or not it makes sense for me to matriculate for a second bachelor’s degree, specifically a BA in Biology. I suspect that’s going to depend on a few things, not the least of which is whether or not I need to. And the other option is just taking the pre-requisite courses and being at the mercy of the University’s policy of non-matriculated students getting last pick of courses. By going down that road there is always a chance that I won’t be able to get into a class because it’s full. And since I don’t know what will be accepted for previous credit a conversation such as this makes a lot of sense, at least to me; it will give me an idea where I stand.

Last night my daughter, Nancy, received two college scholarships at an awards ceremony held at her school. Both Nancy and my son, Jonathan, have attended Trinity High School in Manchester; Nancy is graduating on June 8, and Jon is a 2008 graduate. As Catholic schools go, Trinity is well-regarded. Personally I am very happy with the education that they both received while students there, and I believe they should be as well. As for the scholarships, I am pleased for her and very proud of the things she’s done while a student at Trinity. She is going on to the University of New Hampshire in Durham this fall majoring in Biology.

The irony of what I am considering is not lost on me, based on this; it would be quite funny if both my youngest child and I graduated from the same institution with the same degree within a year or two of each other. But since I don’t know whether or not that will happen, it’s a little bit premature to make that statement. I should know better whether or not that could be in my future tomorrow.

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