Sunday, June 27, 2010

We Are Aging Well

Last night Martha and I attended my high school class reunion. It’s hard to believe we graduated 30 years ago.

I was surprised at how many people I recognized. It’s even harder to believe how good we all look. And it was especially nice to reconnect with all of these folks.

One of the people I got to see is a friend who lives in the Orlando area. He is a physician – an internal medicine practitioner – and he made a comment that set me to thinking. His words were to the effect of that as a sample of our age group we are doing really well. The vast majority of us have not changed much. I suspect, however, that I am one of those whose appearance has changed more than others; since high school I have filled out considerably and lost much of my hair. My attitude, however, has not changed much at all. I still feel much like I did 30 years ago. Except for the occasional aches and pains…

Back in those days I was a “band geek”, which incidentally was a really good platform to jump from when I worked early in my career as a professional musician. Two of the people I got to see were other former band people. At that time they were teenage girls. Now they are both beautiful, successful women. One is an attorney living in San Francisco. The other is a legislative aide working for a member of the United States Congress, married with two children.

Other examples of aging well.

It was wonderful to see people I haven’t seen for years. To catch up with old friends. To hear success stories. And it is nice to know that I am in good company.

I truly hope it’s not another 30 years before I can see some of these people again.

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Karen Brook Westhaver said...

Have been w/o Internet access for a while or would have posted this comment earlier. So, Walt, there's a definite common thread here: MUSIC! Music helps make people become "smarter", more healthy and there's definitely that thing about maintaining youthfulness, vitality and a sense of fun. Including for "yours truly" :-)Glad you guys had a good time!I've not been to any of my many friends moved so VERY far away (several internationally), but keep track via alumni magazines. My musical friends became very successful, too, and are looking great. So, viva la musica!!!