Monday, August 09, 2010

Update: The Tooth

I’ve been wanting to write about the whole dental odyssey and how things are going but I’ve been a bit occupied.  But there is some good news in all of this, and I figure I’ll talk about it here.

Two weeks ago (Thursday, July 29th) I had the root canal itself replaced by the Endodontist I was scheduled to see. Douglas Moll, DMD, of NH Endodontics was the dentist who did the work. I can honestly say that as dentist visits go, this was actually one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in a dentist’s chair. He was great; he didn’t treat me like a moron. That goes a long way in my book. He also told me every step that he was doing, and he answered every question I had without exception. And I was there for less than one hour, which I was incredibly happy about.

He told me to expect soreness the next day and that I could manage it with ice and Ibuprofen as needed. What was funny was the soreness didn’t show up the next day. It waited until two days after the procedure. It was bad because I was working in Boston that day and I had a really hard time tolerating the discomfort. It made for me being somewhat cranky, but I survived it.

This Thursday I’m going to see the Periodontist. He’s going to lengthen the tooth space by removing some of the gum tissue. Surgically. But – it’s a small amount of tissue, and I’m told it is not horrible.

I’ll be the judge of that.


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Saundra said...

It seems you really love your tooth, sir. I came across here and been busy reading all your post. I love it when you talk about your teeth and some dental-technical terms. Everytime I read your post, I always relate with it, and I am imagining it as set in my hometown in Edgewater New Jersey. Cosmetic dentistry pros are always well-received there, because our local hero and town founder was once a dental surgeon. And also, you remind me of grandfather who also, surprisingly, is super-teeth conscious like you, which I think, is good. Here, he's kind of a popular among other dentists. Edgewater groups and bodies always give him yearly award that even his own cabinet cannot accommodate it.

I love your blog so much!