Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Under The Radar



I haven’t written in a couple of weeks. Mostly because I’ve been busy keeping up with the workload of two classes as well as the job. As I sit here, it occurs to me that I am tired. I suppose that is because I’ve been up since a little after 6:00AM and it is now 5:30PM. This in itself shouldn’t cause me to be so fatigued, but it was a busy day today. I had to go into Malden for a meeting at 8:30, and I ended up staying for a second meeting that I didn’t expect to be invited to. When I got home this afternoon – I pulled into the driveway at approximately 12:30 – I had some things I needed to work on that I didn’t even get close to accomplishing. So, here I am.

It occurs to me that the Boston Marathon is being run in two weeks. As it is, I’ll be working there again, probably in the same place. Last year I was at the medical tent located near City Hall in Newton. I believe I’m being assigned there this year as well. And it will be interesting as I have a Chemistry exam that night.

Can I do it, and will I be ready? The answers, as of now, are yes and yes. I also have a Psychology paper due on April 29th – Martha’s birthday. I’m going to get started on that either tonight or tomorrow. The gist of the paper is a review of two different publications, each related to a specific area within the study of Psychology. The papers I found, and the subsequent topics that I chose, have to do with Axis I/Axis II disorders and the use of Benzo-Diazepines in the elderly.

It should be a good paper; although they may not sound like it, the topics are actually rather compelling, not to mention interesting. I’m especially interested in the second topic, mostly because of the Pharmacological aspect of it. As for topic number one, I chose that because it is something I sort of understand and want to learn more about it. This, I believe, is a way that I can accomplish that task.

Recently I was asked about my well-being by one or my friends. I know it was because he was concerned; there’s been a lot of that going around, it seems. Personally, my biggest complaint about my life lately is that I don’t get to live enough of it, or write about it. That said, even though I’m really tied up in knots with the amount of stuff I’ve got going on, please don’t worry about me, my dear friends. I’m okay.

To end this, I’ve included two videos. Both songs are by singer Al Jarreau. I met him a little shy of 30 years ago when I was stationed on Okinawa; I got to see him in concert in Osaka. It was an experience I will never forget. One of the songs – the video at the beginning of the post – is for Martha.



Susie Hemingway said...

Loved the two songs and I'm sorry to read that you are having to work SO very hard with such long days! You need a nice holiday away with Martha. Easier said than done I expect. But Walt don't forget to smell the coffee along the way - really is so very important. Sending all best wishes.

40lizard said...

I so know how you feel! 2 weeks 2 days till medic school graduation and I've had 3 major projects due in the last week! and feel like I haven't been living life at all- just plodding through the motions: work, school, clinicals, and most importantly family! Hang in there! you're gonna make it and please stop and smell a flower along the way! its what's saved my brain a time or two! :)