Monday, December 05, 2011

Another Edition Of Experimenting With Apps

I run the Google Chrome browser on both my notebook computer and its ersatz companion for Android on my tablet. Lately I've been looking at the Chrome applications and widgets, mainly because I've been curious as to whether or not any of them really work, and over the past few days I've added maybe a dozen extensions to the browser on my computer to play with, and so far, the numbers look surprisingly good.

I'm writing this post with the Blogger extension. Usually I write with Windows Live Writer, which is okay, but I wanted to change the way I look at the screen. I did this mostly because I want to write more than I have been, and I have to think that part of the reason I haven't been writing is that I've been bored with the user interface. That probably sounds a little strange, but it is what it is. So we'll give this a try for a while and see if I'm any more productive with this than I was before.

On another note, I'm working on the finishing touches to a Wiki site I've been putting together for an ongoing project this semester. When it is complete I will share the URL here as well as on my Twitter account. I've been looking at what is involved in breaking down a Clandestine lab, specifically some of the science behind it. It has been truly educational; I knew on the surface how bad they are, but I had no idea what some of the substances were that are found in the sites. Very scary stuff. And I hope my finished product is at least somewhat educational.

What follows is the end of the semester, final exams, getting ready for Christmas, and all of that. Between being really, really busy and then getting sick (every member of our household got that really nasty cold that has been going around plus it's possible that my grand-daughter has conjunctivitis - more to follow on that) we haven't had time to decorate our house. It's not that we make a big deal out of it - we really don't, and we keep it pretty simple - it is just that there has been no motivation so far. I imagine that will change over the next week or so. Further, the weather we've had lately, pleasant as it has been, is not contributing to the holiday attitude. But I'm not horribly upset about that either.

Now it is back to work on the Wiki. I'm going to try to get it completed this afternoon so that I can start working on getting ready for final exams. And this semester can't end soon enough, at least for me...

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