Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Looking Back - Just For A Minute

Let's be honest.

2012 really, truly was not a good year for many people, myself included. There was a great deal of stress that so many people had to endure due to events that were beyond their control. Some of them bordered on being downright cataclysmic. Between natural disasters, major mass casualty incidents, and the overall state of our country, there has not been very much good that came out of it. It's not to say that good things didn't happen or that there were no good people out there; it's just that there seemed to be very little mention of that anywhere.

I really hope that 2013 shapes up to be better than 2012 was. I don't know how much worse it could ge, and I pray that we don't have a repeat performance of the badness we all saw.

Personally, I'm hopeful. I mean, if you don't have hope, you have very little else beyond that. And as I write this, I'm managing the after-effects of what I believe is a glancing blow of the flu. If I can make a statement like this even feeling the way I do, I figure I have to have something.

That said, Happy New Year. Be well. Don't do anything that could be harmful, and drive safely.


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