Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Measurable Snow

As I write this, I am watching snow fall outside of my house. It is not terribly cold out, but the snow is definitely falling. It's not a huge surprise; since we're into the second week of December there should be an expectation of snowfall by now. And I believe we'll see a lot more of it this winter.

I've found as I've gotten older I have a lot less tolerance for cold weather. When I was a young man I really enjoyed going outside and doing things in the snow. But it's more clear as each day goes by that age works on us and time works against us, no matter what. There is considerably more creakiness now than there was ten or even five years ago. Some days it is really tough getting out of bed. But I do my best not to get stuck.

The other thing on my mind when it comes to this weather is the chance of utter stupidity that can occur out on roadways. When I consider how people can sometimes drive, and the consequences of their actions, I get a little concerned because it usually does not end well for those drivers. Probably one of the craziest accidents I responded to was one where a person driving on one of Goffstown's roads early in the morning on a January day went over a patch of black ice, lost control of the vehicle they were driving, which happened to be a full-size Dodge RAM truck, and crashed head-on into a granite sign. The front end of the truck was in pieces all over the road. The driver was out of the vehicle walking around with what I suspect was a broken collarbone as well as a broken nose. Said individual otherwise was not seriously injured, but the airbags in the truck deployed and the vehicle, as it turned out, was a total loss due to the amount of damage sustained. But that driver was very, very lucky, because it could have turned out much worse, and unfortunately it usually does.

So we are hopeful that there is none of that nonsense tonight and early tomorrow. Otherwise the 12-hour tour I'm scheduled to work overnight tonight will be a mess. And nobody wants that.

Even though it is coming down outside, and I suspect it will be a measurable amount, it is not now. So we wait for more.

But it has covered my car....

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Stay safe, my friend!