Monday, April 21, 2014

Marathon Monday

As I write this post there are two major events going on in Boston: the 18th Boston Marathon and the Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles at Fenway Park. I'm not certain how many years the Sox have played on Marathon Monday, but I know it has been many. For a number of years I worked during the Marathon with staff covering the portion of the route that runs a through Newton. There are a good number of my friends and colleagues of mine working on the route now.

The air is definitely different this year. Last year, with the events surrounding the race and the aftermath, turned out to be unspeakably hard for so many people. The stories of those who were affected - and came back - have been, to say the least, both encouraging and inspiring. And it has made me realize that the issues I have faced have simply paled in comparison.

I am very proud of the people I work with. They are good at what they do, and their courage and character are unmatched. I think of them, and I am hopeful that they have a really good, positive,  and uneventful day on the race course. And I hold out the same feeling for my friends working the game at Fenway Park.

I have the game on now, and the voices of the Red Slx, Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy, are wearing  running shoes. They are doing so in support of the runners on the course. And that is awesome.

They and everyone else down there today are Boston Strong.

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

An important and significant day for you all....may all go well and safely!