Monday, December 25, 2006

The Godfather is Gone.....

Merry Christmas!

I didn't expect to be available, but things have worked out in my favor as far as having to be at different places. We had a great day today. My kids enjoyed their gifts as did my wife. I have to admit that I got some neat things, too. But the best part was having us all together being able to share the holiday. Now I suspect that we'll all be back to "normal" tomorrow, but I'm still enjoying the holiday afterglow. At least for the moment.

The Hardest Working Man In Show Business is dead! James Brown died yesterday, apparently from complications from pneumonia. He was 73. I always got a kick of watching him perform. He always seemed to be in trouble with the law (I remember an incident with a shotgun a number of years ago), and he was interviewed once that I remember him being rather intoxicated. I also remember a Celebrity Death Match between him and I don't remember who else - B.B. King, maybe? I have to admit that I thought it was funny....

A little tribute to the Godfather of Soul below. Enjoy.

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