Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spring Has Finally Sprung (I think)

Finally - some decent weather up here. A little cloudy right now, but it isn't cold, it isn't windy, and it isn't snowing. All good things, as far as I'm concerned. I know that it seems almost blasphemous that a native New Englander would say these things, but I can't help myself. I'm jonesin' for warm weather, and I'll use however much Flonase I need to keep my sinuses clear.

I couldn't write last week because of work (lots of it - just over 80 hours), an illness in my family (my Mom - last week it was a shoulder injury, this week pneumonia), and following the news out of Virginia Tech, which was absolutely horrible. I don't understand with the finding that Cho Seung-Hui was a danger to himself and others how he wasn't flagged by the Commonwealth of Virginia to not ba able to purchase weapons. It doesn't make sense; I suspect in most other places he would indeed be flagged. But not there..... I also feel badly for his mother. She, of all people, probably feels as though at some level this was her fault. How could she have known that her son would twist off and become a psycho killer? Not her fault, in my opinion.

The worst part of the whole VT incident is the obvious: 32 lives. Gone. How are all of those families going to recover? And what about the wounded? All of those people are going to be scarred for life now because of one young man who wanted to make a name for himself. And I'm not just talking about the recovery from their wounds; the Post-Traumatic Stress will begin to rear its ugly head in their lives, and they all will have to deal with that, too.

It was a terrible thing he did. He has created a mess that will take years to clean up.

To end on a lighter note, one of my friends who knows that I'm a fan the band Chicago (especially the old stuff) forwarded me this off of Youtube. Enjoy.

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